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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

OK, all is better now.

They went in and found out he had something known as Watermelon Stomach. They have cauterized the bleeding vessells or whatever they do to stop the bleeding.

He should be well enough to go home in a couple of days.

Amazing! I told Dad to stop being so dramatic all the time! PTL!

A Day of Tests

Since last night Dad has undergone many tests. They are trying to determine the cause or source of his anemia....whether it is blood loss from an ulcer in his stomach or a tear in his internal digestive track. At this point they are ruling out possibilities one at a time. I don't have any other info other than this really. No results have been determined at this time. They took X-Rays, did an EKG and they have given him a few pints of blood. He is tolerating the transfusion well thus far. He is really not supposed to have visitors because of the high risk of infection. If I get any more information I will let you know. He is such a trooper. He has an oxygen mask on all the time so his body will have enough oxygen. Your blood delivers oxygen to your body and this is one of the complications of the low WBC. I wish I could tell you more, but I don't have any more info than this. Thanks for your prayers.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Well, this afternoon Dad was admitted into the hospital again. His biliruben is down to 2.4 which is wonderful. However his WBC (white blood count) is very low. Basically he is anemic. His hemoglobin is also low. He is going to have a procedure tomorrow (Wednesday) to see if he has internal bleeding from an ulcer (which would be caused by radiation) or a stent tear or a dislodged stent or whatever it might be.

The doctors are in the ruling out stage.....Please pray for him. I will keep you posted as best I can.

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