Personal Updates by Gibby and/or his family.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Oh, my, this is a mess.
I have typed and lost and shall type again......
We had a lovely Thanksgiving, sans sweet potatoes. I was trying to be good and not over do, however, I have let my family down by deciding to omit sweet potatoes from my plans. We had a lovely dinner however. We ordered out from Roy Pope which let us relax and kept dad from the sensitivities of the smell of cooking in the home. It was really quite good.
We have had a wonderfully blessed year, turmoil or not. We are thankful for each life that has crossed our paths this year. The nurses, Dr. Lillemoe, Melanie, Dr. Bacera, Dr. Cho, all of the team at IUPUI, all of the lovely people at UT Southwestern, Steve, Tamberlin, I cannot begin to tell you all how much you have touched our lives. It would not be such a journey without you. We are thankful. Thanks to you all.

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