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Thursday, December 15, 2005

As I told you, there would be more information after dad met with his oncologist. He said he believes that the tumor is shrinking. Yeah!! And he also said that he ~~ the doctor~~ is leaving UT Southwest Medical Center for Baylor University Health Center. He sites the lack of funding for his cancer research. Of course, Dad and Mom immediately decided that he would transfer his care to Baylor as well. This is rather shocking to me, as dad has always been VERY funny about staying at the same hospital for everything. I am glad though. Dr. Becerra is a great man and I think he is truly a great oncolgist as well.

He will be starting a new Study in February. This will be a new chemo combination. We are excited about that. We found out that the insurance has refused approval of dad's next PET Scan, which was to be done in January. This is to see how the radiation affected his cancer cells in the body. Insurance really can make you sick sometimes. Well, as I told you before, they would not pay for dad's XELODA (a chemo you take in conjunction with radiation).....strange how they can decide when to allow you treatment or not. Anyway, dad paid for that out of pocket, so he may have to pay for the PET Scan as well. Rather disgusting, maybe I should tell you which company it is!!

Dad is adament about going back to Dr. Agerwall to revise his stents. I think he will find out that they are permenant and cannot be removed. His only other option I fear is permenant drains outside the body.

I will keep you informed as more developments arise.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wow. It's hard to believe time is flying so quickly. Dad is done with radiation already. I'm sure he wouldn't have added the "already".....

He is meeting with all of his doctors to discuss the next steps. He saw his Hepatologist yesterday, Oncologist today, Gastroenterologist in two weeks. The hepatologist said his liver was almost normal size and a year ago he never would have believed it.

He is scheduled for a new PET scan to see what damage the radiation did to that lovely tumor in his abdomen. We are all waiting anxiously for that, but they have to wait 6-8 weeks for the effects to be complete. Also, they need some swelling to go down.

I will let you know what the other doctors say. In the mean time, enjoy the holiday season and Merry Christmas!!

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