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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Daily, Weekly Web Page Logs by Gibby himself
Update 13 1/6/04 Chemo has begun Chemo was started on Monday with an experimental group at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. This testing includes a cocktail of chemo including 5-FU and a few others. So far so good. It is all being done via a Mediport which really makes it easy. Gibby is tired but holding up rather well!!

Update 2/8/04 We were told that the tumor markers look great. The doctor actually suggested another shot at surgery, however, dad is not too interested in that road again so quickly. It was a rough one. The liver numbers look normal and he is in high spirits most of the time. I never thought in December that he would be this great again. Praise God! We are getting a CT Scan and some more testing this week to see just where we stand. Looks like the miracle we ordered is in the works!!

Update 15 3/8/04 The results from the CT Scan showed that the tumor is not growing, it is still there and still inoperable. We are continuing with the chemo. Last week we had an upper respiratory thing, had to get a blood culture. Immunities were very low and fever was high. Luckily antibiotics cured him! Now Jeff has it, so it's in the air. Chemo again this week, Neupogen next week and sincere thanks to you all for keeping up with our journey. God Bless.

Update 3/29/04 Dad went in for this week's chemo. He gained six pounds last week. He is playing golf and looking great! The tumor has even shrunk part of a millimeter-hey whatever it is we'll take it. Things are really looking great for us. Thanks for all your support and Well Wishes!!

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