Personal Updates by Gibby and/or his family.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Gibby went to the hepatologist yesterday. He said the numbers look good except the bilirubin. He is still at 34. He put dad on a synthetic bile medicine to see if the liver would stop producing so much and rest. He doesn't go back for 2 weeks. He has lost 12 lbs, so the lasix must be taking care of the fluid (ascites). He is eating a little more now. That is good. He needs it. He is tired alot and seems to think it is from the lasix. He is going walking every day to try to build strength back up. He really pushes himself hard.
He is on a low sodium diet so I signed him up for a diet home delivery service that will control the amount of sodium. They deliver meals twice a week which is plenty for as little as he eats. It is convenient to know there is something ready for him to eat whenever he feels like it.
I will let you know if things change. Thanks for checking in! CWY

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