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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Six Months

Six months have passed since my father left this earth to be with the Lord. It's a strange feeling. Six Months. That always seems so long, so far away, and yet it has gone by. Soon it will be a year. A year without my father. It's unfathomable, and yet it's happening. I want to tell him things. I want his advice. Mark needed his mentoring ability in his search for a new job. His fatherly talks with the famous metaphors and comparing his example to our life. "Look at it this way" and "here's what I think." It makes no sense that he's really not here. And yet, I feel such a burden lifted by not watching him suffer any longer. He was in such pain and he never wanted anyone to know how much. He suffered silently and plugged along up until the final weeks. He felt desperate, I know, toward the end. We watched him change. We saw him tell everyone he loved them so much. I know if you are reading this, that you loved him, too.

Thank you friends. For your support and for caring. Thank you dad, for everything you did for me and my family. You are a fine example of how to give and how to be brave and how to teach and love. I love you dad.

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