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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Dad looks yellow. Yellow like mustard. He is weak and says he is tired of all of this. That is the first time I remember him seeming like he was sad since last December. He has what they are calling chemical hepatitis. He is not digesting well and has lost about 18lbs. This month.
We had a nice Christmas. He got a better computer that he is not using yet. Old habits die hard. We are planning to hook it up to a router so he can use his laptop evenwhen he is in bed. That will help. Thanks Jeff for that idea.
Angela and I got some hand knit scarves and it put us on a knitting frenzy. We are taking a class on how to make an Afghan. We are excited. I wish mom would take it up, but I don't think she could sit still to do it. It would be good for her in hospitals and Dr. offices. It is very relaxing. I highly recommend it.
Jeff is back in LA and finishing his movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. He will be through this month sometime. I think it is called "Dirty"....Not sure about his plans after that. I think he has something in the works though.
Angela is all moved in to her new home and it is lovely. She is very blessed with a lovely home and it is convenient to her school and easier for the hockey.
Please don't forget to drop Dad a note now and then. He is tired and weak but he should get over this in a month or so.

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