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Monday, October 24, 2005

Dad went to the Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Michael Bastach, today for his first appointment. Dad had been under the care of Dr. Cho for the first radiation treatments, but he has since taken a nice position in Minnesota or somewhere. The doctor explained that they had chosen the radiation/chemo option over surgery for various reasons, such as recovery, risks, etc. Dr. B has put together a treatment plan that is aggressive, but he feels it is going to be successful. It is 25 treatments over 5 weeks. So, Dad will go every day M-F and have weekends off for 5 weeks or December 2nd. The treatments begin October 31st. All this is subject to change due to the Thanksgiving holiday or other unforseen changes. Dad has a very positive outlook after talking to the doctor.

If I have left anything out, I will try to post again.


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