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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dad had a really big day today. He went to the office and had several meetings. We went to lunch at El Rancho Grande MMMMM! and he had the whole enchilada (no pun intended)and some guacamole. I keep telling him to increase his avacado intake because they have 4x as much potassium as a banana and they help your cholesterol! Double bonus.
After that, he went to the airport to secure some tickets for a trip for his anual golf tourney in Palm Springs. He seems to be very optimistic and looking forward to a productive spring.
Please feel free to come by the house and visit him. I think he really enjoys the company. He does look bad if you haven't seen him for awhile -- all yellow etc. but I assure you nothing is contagious. The worst you would have to endure are some silly CD's with jokes on them and maybe some music or something. He could use the don't put it off.
Will write more later ....Cherish

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