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Friday, January 14, 2005

Hi all, ERCP was moved up to 10:00 am this morning. I got there just as they began. It didn't last long. The doctor came out and told us the bile ducts were not obstructed. The tumor biopsy came back negative which is wonderful news. So, what we do know is that the blocked stent and/or tumor remains are not blocking the bile drainage in the duct. The old stent is clogged with non-malignant tissue. The new stent is working great. This leads the doctors to believe the issue at hand is with the function of the liver. We are going to consult with a hepatologist and find out what the next test will be.
Dad's fever is elevated this evening 100.8 again, so I imagine his pancreas is a little ticked off that they went back in there. He is not going home yet, but we expect some sort of release this weekend.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and thanks to Dr. Bacera for the right formulation of chemo drugs....thank you to Dr. Cho for the radiation to finish the job and thanks to the good Lord for giving them the wisdom to treat this disease.
Updates will follow as soon as I know something. Cherish

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