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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Not sure if these are ascending or descending. I am glad to hear that dad has an almost normal bilirubin count at 2.7. That is a huge relief. Thanks for the help setting this up Jeff. Hopefully I can figure it out without you here. This will be neat when we get it going. Better than any message board!! Cherish

Unfortunately, the radiation seems to be enlarging the bile duct. The swelling has caused a problem called ascending cholangitis. (Basically this means bile is backing up into his liver due to a bile duct blockage) After a brief stay at the hospital, dad is home. He became jaundiced and his bilirubin count went up to 8. The doctors wanted his below 3. They put him on IV antibiotics and fluids to help flush him out. It seemed to help his bilirubin go down. By Friday it was at 6.4 He is now getting his blood monitored a little more closely through radiation unless Dr. Cho decides he should discontinue it altogether.


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