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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We just returned from Dr. Becerra, and are a little bit hopeful. Gibby's billirubin is still too high , but the doctor seemed to think one of the studies might be a possibility. Will depend on the blood work done today; it is a 3-phase study (a combination of 3 drugs). So we go back next week to see what Dr. thinks. Gibby had a smile on his face today, but we know it will depend on blood work and overall strength. We don't know a lot of the details on the study, such as how long he would be on it (indefinitely?), how often he would receive the infusions (daily, weekly?), etc., but whatever it takes, we are up for it!!!
He has had a great deal of relief since they put him on the morphine 3 weeks ago - his pain is under control, which is such a blessing.
He is really enjoying having Jeff here - this is Sports Central again, which I love. They have a blast talking football, hockey, etc. They would talk about the Rangers, but there is not much to say about them, is there? Too bad Jeff lives so far away, but he loves L.A. - and besides, they talk on the phone a lot!
Love to everyone, and we will post again; sorry I haven't done a better job at this, but will try to be more efficient in the future. God bless each of you!!
Love, Judy


Anonymous Diane said...

I will add your father to my prayer list as your website has given me a new found hope. My sister Carolyn was diagonosed in July with Stage IV Cholangiocarsonoma. We were all devastated. Everyday I pray for her recovery. She is the best sister,wife,mother,grandmother and religous person that I know. She has been undergoing chemo for the last 2 months and her restaging cat scan showed no further spread. I can only hope that the love that we all feel for your dad and my sister has somehow helped in healing them. I refuse to accept this and pray everyday for a miracle. Your dad seems to be just that miracle that I have been looking for. Good things do happen to good people and I pray for his continued well being as I do for my sister.

7:02 AM, October 06, 2006  

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